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A personalized touch...

My name is Soraya and I am a mobile freelance makeup and hair artist with over 17 years of experience. Preparing women, men and children for Media, Fashion, Print, Bridal and TV/Film. Graduated in 2002 as a licensed aesthetician, the advantage of knowing and understanding skin is beneficial in my career as an artist. I believe taking care of the skin will always be essential to a youthful complexion, lasting glow and a platform for flawless makeup. 

My passion with art and colour started at a very young age. At nine years old, I remember crushing blushes into powder and mixing with vaseline where I used to create lip balms and cheek stains. My curiosity and fascination continues with art and considered an artist on many levels. I enjoy painting, drawing, sewing, creating jewelry and designing macrame wall hangings -truly, all things ART!

I'm grateful for every client I have and their long lasting loyalty to me. Being there for all milestones is such a blessing to me- CLIENTSHIPS with a purpose!


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