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There are many things to look for when hiring an artist for your event.  The search is real and there are many different artists and different avenues of makeup available for you. 

First, identify what kind of makeup you will be needing, example; bridal, special occasion,  special effects, etc. 

Always look for pictures and credits of work on real clients or models. 

If an artist has an online portfolio, feel free to review it thoroughly. Self applied makeup selfies are fun to look at but realistically, you want to know how flexible an artist is with various skin types and ethnicities.


Referrals are always great!! Nothing better than word of mouth.


Ask as many questions and look for detailed answers on price, what's included, types of makeup, preparation, longevity of makeup and sanitation of products. An artist will never feel overwhelmed with questions asked, because as professionals, we know that details are important.


Industry rates through professionals are competetive. Of course the more experience and years an artist has, the cost of their service will reflect the overall experience you will have. It's likely you will be needing a makeup application to make a statement, create a great first impression or being the focus of a very important event and usually these moments are photgraphed and remembered. When a makeup artist is driven on excellent customer service, the artist will always keep you happy and will do their best to make your vision a reality! 

Professionalism, attitude, and how an artist will interact with you will be key to help you make a decision. It is important to have a connection to your artist.


Lastly, 80% listening and 20% talking. Nothing worse than an artist who isn't listening or envisioning your request. If you give an artist leeway and trust their expertise, it’s fine. However, if a client has a vision, it needs to be met. 

Once with your artist, never be afraid to voice if there is something that isn't meeting your expectation.

We always want our client very happy for the ultimate Win:Win experience! 



Soraya Prado 

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